Level Designer / Environment Artist


Project Description

Shoreleave is a collaboration payload map for Team Fortress 2 set in a war-torn french coastal town, and is the flagship map for the community project Frontline. Similar to Oasis, UEAKCrash did the level design while I was tasked with doing the artwork. I created multiple materials and models for the map in addition to utilising the talented artist creations from the frontline pack.


As the flagship map for the frontline community project, the map had to showcase what was possible with the asset pack and map theme. To this end, Shoreleave had to include a lot of visual progression and varied environments, while still being a cohesive map. The primary challenge was trying to fit all of this into the map without creating too much of an overwhelming experience. Trying to get the balance right to showcase the artwork while remaining a playable map was fun, however!