Level Designer / Environment Artist


Project Description

Sequoia was my third map for the wave-based Mann Vs Machine gametype, different from the rest of team fortress 2 in that it is a player versus environment gamemode. It was created as an entry into's Mappers versus Machines contest, in which it placed first overall, as well as public choice.
It features large Sequoia trees created by my friend E-Arkham.


This is my most recent attempt at a PvE map, and I feel it has improved a lot on the mistakes I made in the previous.
I learned from the previous maps that players most enjoy a short, focused MvM map with clear locations to defend and fall back to. My previous map, Teien had proven to be a bit too sprawling and large for players to enjoy fully. I set out to create a succinct experience in Sequoia, simplifying the number of routes and total player choices, instead focusing on solid combat arenas.

This was also my first attempt at a Gatebot map - a map in which the AI controlled bots can capture a control point within the map, changing the dynamic half way through a wave. Designing a level, as well as missions (a scripted wave set of robots for players to fight) for this map was an interesting challenge, the control point often resulting in a mission being too easy or too hard, heavily depending on the skill level of the players.