Level Designer / Environment Artist


Project Description

Rust is a payload map developed as a collaboration between Joe 'Fr0z3n' Radak and myself. Joe was in charge of the layout and gameplay, whilst I artpassed the map as well as created custom assets for it.

Rust is a iron ore mine and processing complex, set in north Western Australia. The style combines both realistic Australian landscapes - large, long ore trains, eroded rolling hills and large flat shrublands, with the already established desert style from Valve's Team Fortress 2. The result is a unique take on a theme with many variations already.


This project was the first time I had joined as a collaboration - me doing the environment art and my partner doing the level design. These were time staggered, and such I had little to no input on the level design itself, and the level design was not guided by the final style.

This proved to be a challenge as I had to rethink how to make many of the areas make logical sense - Joe had originally intended for the map to be a snow-covered industrial zone. Much of what was there was difficult to re-purpose into an arid iron ore mine. However, I believe the result was a successful one, and I believe the iron ore mining theme comes through well in the architecture and gameplay spaces, while staying true to the original layout.