Level Designer / Environment Artist


Project Description

Oasis is a payload map for Team Fortress 2 set in an egyptian town, oasis and secret spytech base. It was created for the TF2maps Connect-5 Contest, a contest where we had to pick a single line of pre-determined scenes and criteria to fill. The line Oasis needed to fufill was Daytime, Asymmetrical Gamemode, Desert/Arid, City/Town and 1 Objective in a Spytech Lair.

For this project, I worked with my friend UEAKCrash, who did the level design for the map. We wanted to create a varied and colourful egyptian map, as we both felt that the existing egyptian assets in TF2 were bland. I utilised Substance Designer and 3DS Max to produce an entirely new set of assets for this map with a new colour scheme, highlighting team colours and green foliage.


The creation of a entirely new set of assets within the contest time period was challenging, but I enjoyed using it as an opportunity to learn Substance Designer and improve my modelling skills. Another major challenge was introducing colour into a theme that by it's nature is yellow and monotonous. In the end, I solved this by introducing elements of colour like banners and palm trees where I could.