Level Designer / Environment Artist

PL Farmstead

Project Description

Farmstead is a Single-Stage payload map for Valve's Team Fortress 2.
It was originally concieved for's 72 hour mapping contest, a contest in which participants are challenged to design and create a functioning map within a a 72 hour period that adhered to a theme. Farmstead was entered into the 72h contest run in July 2014 and placed first out of 36 entries.


Farmstead's design was especially challenging for me as I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use the under-used Granary/Farm theme from TF2, featured in only one official team fortress 2 map (at the time), CP Granary.
This presented the main problem of having to avoid the trappings CP Granary fell into with it's theming - Farmland is inherently flat, while Team Fortress 2 gameplay works best with large amounts of height variation. Granary is infamous among the community as the flattest of the official maps, and I wanted to avoid this.

However, creating a map with large amounts of interesting height varition while staying true to the theme of a flat farmland was quite difficult. I solved this by creating height differences with manmade constructions - retaining walls, raised walkways, shipping containers and other constructions that offered the players height advantages when attacking or defending while the setting of the map itself was quite flat.

Stylistically, I referred a lot to Valve's CP Granary, as well as much of the American Midwest's grain processing facilities (of which there is a very rich amount of references for on instagram) in the attempts to create a believable facility for the players to interact with.
I also wished to include a secret underlying "true" facility, much in the grain of official TF2 maps. To this end, I created a choreographed scripted sequence triggered by the payload's process that opens facade-like doors around the final control point to reveal a high tech base and giant laser cannon.